Sep 25 2014
@PieAwesomePizza Pie Awesome Pizza Opens in Burbank – Free Pizza Grand Opening Specials

The grand opening of PieAwesome in Burbank is today, September 25, 2014.

Create-Your-Own Pizza using fresh, traditional Italian ingredients in just 3 minutes in our Stone Oven.

Create Your Own Awesome Pizza

PieAwesome Pizzeria provides the best tasting, healthiest ‘create-your-own’ pizza. Using the freshest ingredients, PieAwesome Pizzeria serves smoking hot pizzas, and exceptional quality at fresh fast speed which is PieAwesome Pizzeria about.

PieAwesome Pizzeria uses an assembly line process to make 12-inch personal size custom pizzas created in minutes from start to finish. PieAwesome Pizzeria’s pizzas crusts are made-from-scratch dough and uses healthy ingredients on the assembly line to make a unique pizza experience for each customer. Our dedicated pizza smith will bake your fast-fired, crisp-to-perfection pizza for about 3 minutes in our hot stone oven at a r600 degrees.

PieAwesome Pizzeria, a fast-casual-build-your-own Neapolitan pizza concept brand, signs lease for its first store at N Hollywood Plaza in Burbank, CA next to Bob Hope International Airport.

PieAwesome Pizzeria’s fast-casual restaurant style differentiates itself through its speed and a lower price point. PieAwesome Pizzeria serves millennial diners who want a quick lunch and dinner that’s more customized than fast food.

PieAwesome Pizzeria in Burbank is Now Hiring

2575 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505

Telephone: (818)-565-5601

On September 25, 2014, from 5-9pm the first 50 customers will receive a free pizza.

Create your own Awesome Pizza, unlimited toppings for $8.99

Your Fine Art of Awesome Pizza



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  1. Great pizza, I love it I don't live far so this is great for the neighborhood, looking forward to many trips for pizza


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