Dec 11 2014
Apple iPod Classic Models Selling for as much as $90,000

If you own an Apple iPod Classic which Apple discontinued back in September of 2013, you could be in for a surprise. The value of these has skyrocketed recently.

On ebay a Vintage-Apple-iPod-classic-1st-Generation-5-GB-FIRST-IPOD-EVER you can see a limited edition UK U2 engraved iPod Classic which sold for $90,000.

Will we see others like this, perhaps, but event the standard editions are selling for between $500 and $4,000. Even on Amazon you can see the prices of new iPod Classic Editions starting at $4,000 new sealed.

First generation iPods, sealed selling for $20,000.

Not sure why all the interest…. there is something about a lawsuit against Apple, but how could these iPods being sold for these prices have anything to do with the lawsuit, perhaps if you own one you have a case?

Brand Apple
Model iPod classic 4th Generation U2 Special Edition (20 GB)
MPN M9787B/A, M9787LL/A, M9787X/A
UPC 718908885741



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