Oct 10 2014
85ºC Bakery Cafe Grand Opening Pasadena Oct 24, 2014 @85cbakerycafe #85pasadena #85cbakerycafe #85cbakery #85c #85bakery #85bakerycafe

Come celebrate  OCT. 24, 2014 for the Pasadena opening!


Please stay tune for new updates on our grand opening specials.

85ºC Bakery Cafe

  • 61 South Fair Oaks Ave
  • Pasadena, California 91105
Phone (626) 792-8585
Email [email protected]
Website https://www.85cafe.us/

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#85pasadena #85cbakerycafe #85cbakery #85c #85bakery #85bakerycafe

<p>Come celebrate with us on OCT. 24, 2014 for our Pasadena opening!<br />
Please stay tune for new updates on our grand opening specials. </p>
<p>www.85cafe.us<br />
Follow us @ 85cbakerycafe on our Instagram & Twitter</p>
<p>#85pasadena #85cbakerycafe #85cbakery #85c #85bakery #85bakerycafe

We believe that coffee holds its flavor best at a steady temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. To us, the name 85C symbolizes our devotion to provide coffee of the highest quality. We hope to give our customers the best drink possible by paying careful attention to every detail which may affect its taste. Of course, our goal of perfection extends to all of our products, not just our coffee.

85C Bakery Cafe was founded with the philosophy of 5-star quality at affordable prices.
One afternoon a few years ago in Taiwan, the founder of 85C Bakery Cafe, Mr. Wu Cheng-Hsueh took a group of business associates to a cafe in a local five-star hotel to celebrate their success. Peering through the window, he saw that people outside of the cafe were busy and rushed, whereas the patrons inside the cafe were having a relaxed moment enjoying gourmet deserts and drinks. Upon opening the menu, he realized the fact that the prices were set way too high for ordinary people to enjoy on a whim. At that moment, Mr. Wu envisioned a cafe that provides five-star quality coffee, cakes and breads at not so five-star prices. Thus 85C Bakery Cafe’s journey begins…
The first 85C Bakery Cafe was opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 2004. We currently have over 700 stores in Taiwan, China, Australia, Hong Kong, and the U.S.A.

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