Jul 2 2013
Veggie Grill is coming to Pasadena

Veggie Grill is coming to Pasadena, the space at 200 South Lake is over 4,600 square foot space. We don’t have specifics on the opening, but these things could move quick and we would expect to see construction starting soon. We are working on more details.


This location was previously occupied by DWELL and then Yoga Blue Studio. On the southeast corner of Lake and Cordova.

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Veggie Grill is a favorite of many for the delicious menu offerings.

Real Food Daily is a block down on Lake and DelMar and Lemonade on the north side. It will be interesting to see what impact Veggie Grill will have on these and other eateries in the area.

Here’s the updated link from the leasing company.





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