Dec 22 2013
Sweet Ballz

It took balls for us to do this.

There are many delicious recipes for cake balls across the world today – many of which have been passed down from generation-to-generation. From mothers and grandmothers to local bakeries, the comfort of a sweet, delicious cake ball can be found almost anywhere.

So why, you ask, would we be so crazy to go up against the likes of Aunt Fanny out in Florida and all of the thousands of small-town bakeries across the country? Well that’s where our founder James McDonald comes into play.

A young entrepreneur and lifetime “foodie,” James had himself been making cake balls for friends and family for a long time. James’ cake balls became a staple at many dinner parties, holiday get-togethers and birthdays.

One night, while sharing a few of his creations at a party, one of James’ friends suggested how amazing it would be if he could harness the moist, fresh flavor of his cake balls and share them with stores across the country. Following months of experimenting with his recipes and exploring various packaging techniques to ensure fresh flavor from the oven to the shelf, Sweet Ballz was born.

Now, with nearly 5,000 stores carrying Sweet Ballz throughout the country, you can get the fresh, savory taste of a homemade cake ball anytime you want.


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