Oct 19 2013
Scan Mobile App Technology @sharktank Turn The Lowly QR Code Into A ‘Scan To Pay’ Gateway @scan


Turn QR Code Into A Payment Gateway

– Scan To Pay


Available on Apple, Android, and Windows products : https://get.Scan.me  Tweet us, we’ll tweet back. Questions/support: support@Scan.me



Connect real world with universe

Scan is an app that can scan barcodes

Windows, iPhone, Android

Free app, introduced pay for feature

Simple choices to begin with

Link to face

QR code to purchase code

51 million downloads

27 million who used app and scanned in one month

Nobody was executing

The competition built half the table.

Users can build the

Focusing on monetization

Keeping the user side free, pay a monthly fee for keeping QR code live.

Has made $30k / mo for the past few months.

What is the future?

Google Glass?

Has raised $8.7 million

Why are they here?



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