Jul 1 2013
Santa Barbara U-Pick Blueberries


Whoa! It Was Hot!

The temperatures soared at the farm this last week.  Five days in a row over 100 degrees, to a high of 119 degrees on Sunday the 30th. This was the hottest day we’ve ever recorded in the blueberry fields.  Sadly, lots of good fruit dropped.


We’ll keep the U-Pick fields open through the 3rd, but unfortunately, we will not be open on the Fourth of July. We will close on the fourth and wait for the green fruit to ripen.

The Raspberries Are Almost Ready

Our raspberries are coming along really well and we’ll have some ready for picking by August or sooner.  Stay tuned!

We Have Watermelon & Canteloupe Coming

We are still a few weeks away from sweet watermelons, canteloupes and sunflowers (of the edible variety).  Got a little league baseball player in the house that wants to get his dugout sunflowers seeds from a plant instead of a bag?
We’ll keep you posted!


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