Apr 19 2013
Man Jumps Onto 5 Freeway From Olive Ave Burbank


The man, identified by authorities as Raffi Roobenbakhamian, was seen climbing over the overpass. Police said Roobenbakhamian had reportedly been “depressed lately.” was from Texas visiting local family members.

An unidentified man jumped onto the 5 Freeway at Olive Ave in Burbank.

Details are still being put together, but traffic is being diverted off the 5 Fwy Southbound.

Offramp closed 5 (I-5 Golden State fwy) South between Olive/ Verdugo Ave and Alameda.

I drove by the scene and the body of the man was on the freeway. It was a disturbing sight. The freeway will surely be closed for many hours.

Here’s the story from the Burbank Leader.

He was struck by an oncoming big rig after landing on the freeway.


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