Jan 20 2013
Electronic Cigarettes: often less harmful than traditional ones

Electronic cigarettes are getting familiar among the smokers. A large number of smokers have adopted the electronic cigarettes for fulfilling their need of smoking. A considerable consumer base has already been created in different countries. Several business organizations are producing and selling this kind of cigarettes throughout the world. The physical appearance Electronic cigarettes are very similar to the traditional cigarettes . one cannot distinguish the electronic cigarettes by E-Lites, a manufacturer of electronic cigarettes , from the traditional ones without looking inside the container of electronic one. Electronic cigarettes differs from the traditional cigarettes in terms of inner functionalities. Most electronic cigarettes , just like the electronic cigarettes by E-Lites, use a liquid or concentration as an alternative to the tobacco . that liquid is heated by an electric coil, at the time of smoking, for generating vapor. That vapor is inhaled by the smokers. In reality , it’s smoking, without tobacco, that is going on by consuming electronic cigarettes. Smokers still may inhale the nicotine (most dangerous element of tobacco and liable for cancer ) with electronic cigarettes. The liquid or concentration used in the electronic cigarettes, also contain nicotine. The only better side of electronic cigarettes is , a smoker can make the respective concentration or liquid tailored to personal preferences. One can choose to have any level of nicotine (even zero level of nicotine ) in his / her concentration. Therefore , a smoker can reduce the extent of health hazards to be caused b

Electronic Cigarette Inhalation

Electronic Cigarette

y smoking, by reducing the amount of nicotine in the respective liquid or concentration. For promoting the consumption of electronic cigarettes by E-Lites

, the concerned manufacturers often provide special offers like discounts , coupons . before switching to electronic cigarettes, individuals should investigate the elements, used in the liquid or concentration , so ensure Absence of harmful elements.


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