Apr 15 2013
DeyDey’s Open House – May 11th, 2013

DeyDey’s Open House – May 11th, 2013
Mama & Papa at the Farm Stand
Ranch Open House and You are Invited

Date: Saturday May 11th
Time: 11 – 3 p.m.

Connecting with Your Food

You are invited to experience the beautiful countryside, learn about our ranch operations, partake in the various classes we are offering and enjoy a juicy 100% grass-fed burger.  Come for the day and you can even visit some of the fine wineries in our area – the Santa Rita Hills.


Tour the ranch by foot and/or take a hay ride, see our animals up close or from behind the fence.   View the cows chewing their cud, visit the chicken brooder where our baby chicks are housed, see our organic pasture-raised broiler chickens in their field shelters, check out our pasture raised egg laying chickens in their egg mobile, and examine our new fodder system.  We will even have a jumper for the kids to work off some of that excess energy they always seem to have.


This year we are adding some classes which are sure to delight those who have a thirst for learning.  Make sure to bring a blanket to enjoy the talk and have a comfy place to sit.


The following classes will be on our Main Stage:

  • At 11:30 – “Why bother eating healthy?  Examples of customers who have transformed their lives through eating” presented by Victoria Bloch
  • At 12:30 – “Backyard Chickens – Everyone should have them” by Barbara Bullock
  • At 1:30 – “What to look for when selecting your farmers – Beyond Organic” with Katie Falbo
  • At 2:30 – “What is GAPS and why should I care?” – with Nicole Fox Nutritionist and GAPS Practitioner

The following classes will be on our Practical Stage:

  • At 11:30 – “Easy to make and a cornerstone of Probiotics – Sauerkraut the Whys and Hows” with Adriana de Bruin and Katie Falbo
  • At 12:30 -“Making Broth, a cornerstone of  a healthy gut and the GAPS diet, Made Simple” with Elaina Luther from Culture Club 101 and Monica Ford the Real Food Devotee
  • At 1:30 – “Delectable Healthy Sweets” with Elaina Luther from Culture Club 101
  • At 2:30 – “Making the best moisturizing cream ever from tallow” with Monica Ford the Real Food Devotee

All of our practical classes will have delectable samples of products you can try.  Elaina’s sweets are to die for as is her raw vanilla yoghurt. Yum! Yum!


Our juicy 100% Grassfed Beef Burgers will be served (along with a drink and home-made potato chips).  Please make your donation ($15 for adults and $8 for children under 12) for the event by clicking on Register Now.  Profits from this event will support the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, an organization whose mission it is to protect small farmers in the political arena and our local Santa Ynez Valley Weston A Price Foundation Chapter. Both these folks are totally committed to protecting consumer’s food choices (ex. fresh food directly purchased from the farm).  Please visit them for further information at www.farmtoconsumer.org and www.westonaprice.org.


Please email us at [email protected]com with any questions you may have.


P.S.  For safety reasons, no dogs or other pets may come on the ranch property.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Remember to wear closed toed shoes and bring a hat and a blanket or chairs, to enjoy the sun, eat your lunch and listen to our educational talks.


P.S. #2  As our thank you for visiting, we will offer 10% OFF on all our yummy grass fed beef, pastured chicken, pork and eggs.  We also will have mugs, caps and shirts (while supplies last).  Bring your ice chest if you plan to purchase our great products.


We look forward to greeting you in person.


John, Nadine, Adriana & the Gang

DeyDey's Fruit Trees

May 11th from 11-3pm

Save the Date

Mama & Papa at the Farm Stand We are so excited and have started planning our 2013 Open House.

Lots of fun, classes, tours, and yummy burgers.
>>>Details will follow…

Spring is on the ranch.

Our orchard is blooming, the baby cows and pigs are so cute, and the hens are laying.

We have started watering our wonderful grasses to produce the BEST BEEF EVER!!! Chicken and pork
7301 Domingos Road, Santa Rita Hills, CA


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