Jun 23 2012
Want To Be On Cloud 9 With Your File Storage Service? Try MegaCloud!

If you lead a hectic social life you won’t have time for multiple software applications in order to keep on top of your obligations. MegaCloud offers a software solution tailor made for just such an  individual.

With MegaCloud you have a cloud based file storage service that you can use on all of your devices by merely synching them together and downloading the relevant software.

When installed MegaCloud allows you to:

Instantly synchronise your information across all of your devices

Automatically scan for changes across your files and restrict uploads to those revisions

Seemlessly integrate with your prefered operating system

Share files and folders with your family, friends and co-workers

Support file sharing with non MegaCloud users so that you aren’t forced to choose between them

Review and retrieve deleted files at any time

Access MegaCloud from anywhere in the world

Browse, edit, review and delete files online

Tailor your storage plans to suit your individual needs

You can even earn up to 10MB additional storage for merely inviting your friends to sign up to MegaCloud. That’s an additional 10MB for doing nothing more than share the good news!


The four main plans are 8GB File Storage and Backup for FREE, 30GB File Storage and Backup for just $4.99 a month, 60GB File Storage and Backup for just $9.99 a month and 150GB File Storage and Backup for just $19.99 a month.

Putting that into perspective you can store up to 1600 songs, 2700 photos or 3.5 hours of video for absolutely nothing!If your needs are more substantial, the 150GB storage plan will allow you to store 30,000 songs, 51,000 photos or 60hours of video which is truly incredible for just $19.99 a month!


Manage your information in a truly 21st century way with MegaCloud


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