Nov 28 2012
Vibrant Health – Green Vibrance

Improvements to the formula are listed below:
There are three changes from version 10.3 – 11.0
1. Replacement of Hydrilla verticillata with Calzbone Cissus quadrangularis extract
2. Addition of grape skin extract
3. Doubling of vitamin D3 potency to 2000 IU per serving.

There are four changes from 11.0 – 12.0
1. Replacement of Soy lecithin with Sunflower lecithin from Germany. Anyone fearful of encountering a soy anti-nutrients now has nothing to fear.
2. Addition of Goji berry juice, 70 mg. per serving enhances antioxidant/antiaging properties of Green Vibrance.
3. The conversion of Tamarind juice and pulp powder to whole fruit powder to provide more complete nutrition in support of liver health.
4. Restoration of sea vegetables to their pre version 11.0 potencies. A shortage of Alaria at the time of manufacture of version 11.0 forced us to lower the amount of Alaria and boost the amount of Rockweed in Green Vibrance version 11.0. Supply problems have now been remedied, allowing version 12.0 to return Alaria and Rockweed to 100 mg and 50 mg respectively per serving.

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