Jul 27 2012
Stock Trading Has Never Been Easier with @Kapitall

We’ve all seen the films where the mega rich New York City traders live the life that we can only ever dream of. The fancy cars, the beautiful partners, the stunning apartment, designer suits, exhilarating risks…..okay, you get the picture! Surely trading in stock is only for three kinds of people; the risk taking thrill seekers, the naive and stupid, or the extremely rich and intelligent…..once upon a time this might have been true, but now it is so easy anyone can do it.

Kapitall have bucked the widely accepted image of stock trading and made it available ‘for the rest of us’, infact it couldn’t be simpler.

Register for free, log in and everything as at your fingertips. Still not 100% sure about how to proceed…..no problem, simply create and build free practice portfolios to grow your investing skills or test drive your ideas, risk-free. When you’re ready to trade; open a free brokerage account, decide how much you put in it, then it’s just $7.95 to trade stocks and funds (ETFs) with absolutely no hidden fees. You even receive fresh market insights delivered daily, and intuitive tools to help you find and choose your stock picks, completely for free.

Kapitall make sharing your successes and failures simple with a host of social networking links, while maintaining personal information security with state-of-the-art encryption, activity monitoring and automatic sign-out facilities.

Finally, Kapitall promote a ‘Happy Hour’ every day where the member can trade commission free for the whole hour.

Whether you are curious and merely want to test the waters, or are committed to some serious trading, Kapitall has something to suit you.


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