Apr 11 2012
Skilled Medical Professional College Education

When you need the help of a skilled medical professional, that is when you can truly appreciate the critical role that medical assistance plays in our society. Going to the hospital can be a very frightening experience as a family member, and can be terrifying if you personally are in need of care. However, it is not just the doctors and nurses that you encounter as a patient or family member visiting a hospital or doctors office, there are so many other people that you come in contact and each person whom you deal with has the potential to make or break the whole experience. Just one small mistake or error in judgement by a medical assistant or technician can impact the entire cycle of care. The doctor’s information is only as good as the team surrounding her/him. And doctors know it too! They must depend on their professional community

Well educated and motivated medical assistants make a challenging and scary situation just that tiny bit less scary for you, and help to build trust in the whole process. It’s hard to know what sort of training the medical team has had and the good news to me is that there are so many options for people to get specialized training at any of a host of professional medical assistant programs.
More good news is that there is so much need for this type of work that people interested in switching careers can find a conveniently located learning center. With the internet now it is also easy to learn about programs to get a medical assistant certification, it can be researched in a very short amount of time.

It’s clear that medical assistance is something that is a career choice for which there will always be a good market. Health care professionals at every level need a college education. For most of us, medical training at an Ivy League school is not a realistic goal, but there are some great alternatives to pursue in the “helping professions” that will lead to good job security.

The Department of Health Care Services is a great Government resource to learn about all the opportunities available in this medical professional industry, get started here.

“Industries and occupations related to health care, personal care and
social assistance, and construction are projected to have the fastest
job growth between 2010 and 2020.” This from the United State Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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