Jul 24 2012
Seriously Clever Files Software

I know we always get given the ‘are you sure you want to proceed’ option when we decide to delete a computer file, programme, application, or emptry the trash bin, but I can’t count the number of times I have clicked ‘ok’ and then regretted the decision in subsequent weeks and months. I know from watching CSI that it is possible to recover lost information and that nothing is ever really lost, but I wouldn’t have a clue where to start looking, even if I did have the technology to look in the first place.

Clever Files have now come to the market with a simple, affordable way to provide that ‘third chance’ to anyone that deleted in haste and now greatly regrets it. Their Disk Drill programme has been created to provide unique recovery vault technology for Macintosh to help you prevent data loss.

With Disk Drill you can:

Recover data on any hard drive right, whether it is present on internal or external hard drives, (including USB, FireWire and eSATA). Quite simply, you can recover data from any drive you can mount in Mac OS X

Recover deleted or damaged files with deep scan or undelete files with quick scan

Insert any memory card or USB drive into your Mac directly or by using a card reader, scan it with Disk Drill & recover any deleted data on Macintosh

Recover data from partitioned or formatted disk drives right on your Mac

Recover lost or deleted data like photos or music after you empty trash on your Mac

Recover deleted & lost music, videos, podcasts & other data from your iPod Classic, Nano, Mini or Shuffle

This incredibly useful programme is available as a download, or as a purchasable product and depending on the features that you need and the purpose of the application, prices vary from FREE, to $299.00.

Whether you’re a frustrated individual, or a company looking to safeguard itself in the future; Clever Files Disk Drill could very well be the solution for you.


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