Feb 27 2012
Petition Ralphs to Upgrade Altadena Store

Petition Ralphs to upgrade

Please sign this petition to tell Ralphs’ corporate offices to upgrade the Altadena Ralphs. The more people shop in Altadena, the better it is for the health and vibrance of our community.
“Ralphs is the largest grocery store in Altadena, which has a population of 42,777 and a median income of nearly $80,000. Yet the store is cramped, with a poor selection of produce and items, and has no deli, bakery, meat department, or coffee bar. These are the types of improvements that people in Altadena want, need, and would patronize in their grocery store. We ask Ralphs to begin a remodel and/or expansion of this location to better serve our community needs.”



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