Jul 27 2012
Need A Costume? Get A Bargain!

Unless you are some kind of social recluse, at some point in your life your will be invited to a party. It might be a family affair, a work related function, perhaps a charity fundraser and the dress code could be anything from smart-casual to black tie. Then again, if you are really lucky…..it might be fancy dress! As much fun as this can be it opens up a lot of problems. Do you make the outfit yourself? If so have you got the time, creatvity and talent? Do you buy a ready made outfit? If so do you go for a budget option, or a high end costume and do you have the funds to finance what could be a one-off wear? Get it wrong and you could be the butt of the joke for some time.

The Wholesale Costume Club can take the stress out of getting exactly the right costume for you with over 20,000 costumes and accessories at wholesale prices.

You can choose to become a member for free, (at present a free one year membership is on offer with the promo code SAVENOW) or if you’d prefer to remain unattached you can also buy as a non-member.

There are no maximum or minimum orders

There’s a flat $5.99 shipping fee no matter how big your order is

Members can enjoy a whole host of benefits including super low SuperBuy Prices

Whatever you need the costume for, and whatever you want to dress up as, if they don’t have it at the Wholesale Costume Club, the chances are that it doesn’t exist!


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