Oct 8 2012
Mentoring Minds

For a decade, Mentoring Minds has been working with educators to give children the skills they need to succeed – in class, on tests, and for life. Through the full range of K-12 education tools, it helps to incorporate the critical thinking and lifelong learning skills needed in the 21st-century marketplace. The founder of MentoringMinds, Michael Lujan, is a parent and educator himself. As an elementary school administrator, Michael saw that new, tougher state standards were posing challenges in the classroom. Kids were falling behind, and teachers were struggling to reach them. Both needed extra help to keep up.

So What are their teaching strategies?
Michael and the product development team of former educators create each new workbook, teaching aid and learning tool by first asking simple question: What do classroom teachers need to make sure every child masters this material? How can children apply their knowledge in new situations? They then design products to fill in the gaps between traditional textbooks and the new skills children are expected to master at each grade level.

MentoringMinds offers you help in every subject you see diffculty in be it Mathematics, Science or even Critical thinking , it is the solution to your every problem.

Product Research:
MentoringMinds realize the importance research plays in education as well as selecting items to be used in the classroom. With that in mind, they have put in extensive hours and research of their own to ensure that their resources are of the highest educational soundness and quality.


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