Jul 14 2012
LogMeIn…..Wherever I Am!

When the first companies started advertising remote access technology for your PC it was a state of the art, awe inspiring breakthrough. Nowadays, it has become part of our everyday lives and almost something that we all take forgranted. Not only can we connect to our PC’s, but now we can also connect remotely to our cell phones, tablets and pretty much anything with an electrical interface.

Although the concept is nothing new, it is far from a case of familiarity breeding complacency and remote access providers have never had to work harder in order to offer a competitive product that still appeals to would-be customers.

LogMeIn Pro – Free 14-Day Trial – LogMeIn may not do anything new, but what they do offer is quality, commitment and a tried and tested pedigree that has seen them last for nearly ten years in this incredibly competitive market.

Their mission statement sums up everything you need to know about their focus:

  • Our passion: Delighting customers and users of our technology
  • Our mission: Maximize mobility, connectivity and business productivity
  • Our vision: Worldwide connectivity for mobile work and life styles

LogMeIn also offer remote access solutions for more than just the individual cutomer, with convenient links for:

For Everyday – Experience the freedom to work from anywhere, be free

For Business – Drive productivity up and IT headaches down, work smarter

For Helpdesks – Support customers without ever leaving your desk, rescue now


It’s impressive to see a company concentrate on more than merely innovation and really fine tune their product to ensure that the quality shines through to be admired by all. If you want the very best of 10 years development and perfection, go to LogMeIn


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