Jun 18 2012
Lending Club – Why Should the Banks Have All the Fun?

Are you sick of watching the news reports and seeing yet another banking conglomerate post record quarterly profits? Billions of dollars a year are made in investment opportunities that Joe and Jill public can’t every hope to be involved in…..or can they?


Lending Club is different. By allowing it’s members to directly invest in and borrow from each other, it avoids the cost and complexity of the banking system and ensures that the savings are passed on to you. Both sides can win; better rates to borrowers and better returns to investors. It’s that simple.

Without any fiscal expertise, anyone can invest in Lending Club for the amount, duration and risk level that is most suitable to them.  This investment is then used to finance personal loans to carefully screened applicants, (typically intent on using the lower interest rates to pay off existing high rate loans such as credit cards). The risk levels are low and the returns suprisingly high. Depending on the investment Grade you choose, (ranging from A1-G5, with the higher risk potfolio items increasing proportionally in that order) Lending Club boast that 93% of its investors experience returns of between 6-18%!

All you have to do is provide the investment and sit back and wait for it to mature while the experts do all of the hard work!

It is also incredibly easy to get started. No money is required up-front to open an account, there is no regular maintenance fee and you can start investing with as little as $25

It’s time to stop whining about the big business organizations, grab a slice of the action and let Lending Club show you how to post enviable quarterly profits of your own!



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