Jul 21 2012
Do You Do ooVoo?

For the modern twenty-first century socialite, the pinnacle of high speed, available and affordable communication technology is to be found in a wide variety of mediums on the internet. Social networking websites, live one-to-one video conferencing straight from the boardroom to the personal computer and message boards/ instant messaging platforms abound to keep the user connected and available. You might think we have reached the extent of our abilities in this field, but think again! The people at ooVoo have more than just taken things to the next level, they’ve re-defined it and developed the ultimate in internet based communication software.

If you sign up for free, download the software to your machine and become an ooVoo user, you can make audio or video calls as well as the usual text chat. ooVoo also allows it’s users to video chat with up to 12 people at the same time!

Regardless of where you are in the World, ooVoo breaks down the barriers and keeps you connected, bringing the party to you, wherever you are. It’s the nest best thing to having all of your friends in the same room at the same time and unless you are lucky enough to live next door to all of your friends, it is perhaps the only realistic way of having a truly multi-faceted conversation with everyone that matters to you.

Currently available in ten different languages, ooVoo will allow its users to:

Video chat with up to 12 friends

Send cool video messages

Record and upload to YouTube

Instant message

and much, much more!

Whether your chosen medium is Mac, PC, Android, iPhone or YouTube, there is an ooVoo application for you, simply at the push of a button. Don’t just settle for one-to-one messaging, join the twenty-first century and with ooVoo you can do it properly!


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