Sep 12 2012
Create your own custom seasoning & herb blends @spestle
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Create your own custom seasoning & herb blends

We bet you know a really great seasoning blend recipe. Forget the supermarket. Forget scavenging for ingredients & preparing it yourself. Let Spestle do it for you.

Create custom blends on our interface in 3 steps:
1) Create your blend
2) Select your packaging
3) Design your label

Leave the rest to us. We’ll create your blend to your exact specifications, package it, and ship it to your door.

Each seasoning blend created on Spestle has a unique ID that you can use to reorder again or to share with others.

For the business savvy,
Create your own brand with Spestle. Focus on the unique recipes that make your blends great and let us do the rest. Owning your own brand has never been easier.

Signup today and get an early invite to Spestle.


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