Sep 3 2012
Chevachi – Area 51 Watches

Chevachi have been making outstandingly beautiful timepieces, inspired by European style and fashion since 2008 and the quality of their offerings is as impressive today as it was at the time of the company’s inception.

Although the company’s name is derived from the ‘Knights of Europe’, their latest creation, the Chevachi – Area 51 Collection is much more focussed on a futuristic development and progression of the military watch. Critics might have considered the inspiration behind Chevachi’s previous offering, (the Chevachi-Niburu Planet X Collection) to be  eccentric, ecclectic and perhaps just down-right weird, but one thing you can never get away from with Chevachi is the fact that they make truly stunning timepieces and the Area 51 Collection is no different.

Chevachi have always liked to keep its cards close to its chest and in keeping with this general principle, not a lot is currently known about their new offering. The internet offers up little except for considerable intrege and anticipation and as cool as the YouTube video short is, we learn little more than we already knew…..Chevachi make watches of timesless beauty and incredible quality and craftsmanship…..with a bit of quirkiness thrown in!


No doubt they’ll be well worth the wait and if you are looking for something a little bit special as a gift for a loved one, or simply fancy treating yourself to a watch that diliberatley sets itself apart from the more mainstream offerings, perhaps you should consider the offerings from the Chevachi – Area 51 Collection, watches that appear to have been inspired by a whole different planet!



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