Jul 14 2012
Car Flips in Red-Light Running Collision in Roselle Park,NJ

A video of a spectacular crash was today released in an attempt to persuade drivers that cameras that fine drivers for running lights are justified.

The CCTV footage shows a driver speeding through a red light in Roselle Park, New Jersey, clipping a car side before hitting a central reservation and being spun through 360 degrees and being flipped upside down. The driver survived and was charged with DUI.

Many drivers are angry at the installation of cameras that fine citizens for skipping red lights.

They say the cameras have netted tens of thousands of dollars for the local police from private citizens. One woman was fined $140 for going through a light 1/5 of a second too late,

But Roselle Park police chief Paul Morrison says the cameras have been an ‘absolute success’ in reducing accidents.

The video of the crash on 29 June was released by safety organisation American Traffic Solutions, which says accidents in Roselle Park reduced by 47 per cent since the introduction of the cameras.

Chief Morrison told ABC News: ‘It’s unfortunate that the public views it as nothing more than an revenue instrument. The reason I had it put in place is because of serious crashes at the intersection.’

‘It’s an absolute success. Motorists who actually receive a summons are made aware and very conscious of the fact that that intersection is monitored 24/7, and if you go through the red light you will receive a summons. Motorists are much more cautious.’


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