Mar 22 2012
Attention Wine Connoisseurs – Join Me at Lot 18 @lot18

I came across a very interesting website while surfing some tough to find wines the other day. The site is called Lot 18 use this link for a special invitation

Lot 18 is a great spot to locate those tough to find wines, I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality listing they have. The site is for members only so you do need to register. They also offer other things such as find dinning recommendations, wine and gourmet food excursions as much much more.

They have a pretty straight forward business approach, if it isn’t good enough for them to buy, you won’t find it on their site. They have a diverse team of professionals that work with some of the best wine makers in the world. If travel is of interest to you they have a close working relationship with all of the best hotels and fine dining restaurants and resorts around the world.

One of the best things about Lot 18 is things don’t go stale. They have a revolving door with regard to product, many items are only available for a specific amount of time, or until all of the product is gone. My family and I love to travel so the hotel and travel deals are terrific. You can book your trip and plan out what restaurants you want to hit before you even board the plane.

As mentioned Lot 18 is only available to members. If you know a member they can provide you a referral and you can be signed up right away. Membership is free and once you have joined you can invite your friends and family. For an exclusive time they are offering membership to the general public. This won’t last long so have a look today. Click this link for more details, or to sign up today.


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