Jan 24 2012
10.69% Returns Investing With Prosper.com @ProsperLoans

We all are looking for ways to get ahead and especially in this economy we could all use a boost of some sort.  Well if you happen to have some funds that you are looking to invest, or are looking for funding for a project, we have the site for you.  Prosper.com is the largest peer to peer lending marketplace in America.  There are over 1,000,000 members using Prosper to borrow and invest.  To date, there has been $220,000,000 in loans funded on Prosper.com.  Those are pretty incredible numbers if you think about the current financial situation.

Getting ahead using Prosper is simple.  Follow this link to Prosper’s sign-up page and click the “Get Started” button.

That link will take you to a page that asks for your information so you can get signed up.  You will need about five minutes and your banking information (routing and account number) to complete the form, and then you will be set to get started.

The website announces the fact that the returns on all the investments made with Prosper total out at 10.69%.  That’s a great return.  If you look at the graph below, however, you will notice that there are different “ratings” for different investments.  So you  can see what type of returns you are likely to receive based on the different ratings.  This is a nice feature and helps you to see what type of investment you are looking for and quickly distinguish between them.  Now this means that, depending on the size and type of investment you are making, you may expect a 5.65% return or, on the other end of things, you could be making 18.54%.  So, as is the norm with investing, you can expect different results based on what you have to work with and how much risk you take.

There is also a specific page for those looking to borrow: prosper.com/prm/get-a-loan.html.  This is a great way to get your loan request in front of a bunch of investors.

We would highly recommend taking a look at Prosper.com if you are looking to either invest or borrow.  It is a great way to find the connections you are looking for to help you get ahead in your business.



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