Aug 3 2011
Why Does Auto Bill Pay Have To Be Such A Hassle!

So here we go again, after months of dealing with Chase to set auto bill pay and their denial that there was any problem and then admitting there was a problem with their system. I gave up! and started making push payments to them. Why do companies not get it, that they need to make it a priority to allow customers to make payments. Get a clue people, if you make it hard for customers to pay then you are going to frustrate customers, although you may charge the late fees and finance charges, it is just not right.

Anyway.. now it is Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation,
Their site is not loading on my computer no matter what I do.
I have called the first customer service number 800.456.6622 and they had no way to help me.
No I have called another number 800.406.5895 and they report no problem with the site.
In the meantime I cannot load the site no matter what I do.
I have talked to Anthony and he said to try back in 45 min. No ref for my call.
No I am on with Jennifer Montogomery and she is confirming that there is a problem with the website.
Spoke with Margaret first and she didn’t know.
So why did Anthony and Margaret not know there was an issue with the NMAC website, and that the problem has been going on since last night, or maybe even before then. Because that was my first interaction with the website

Still I went away from the call that Nissan is not handling the situation properly regarding customer service.

1. No reference for a call.
2. Assuming the customer is wrong, i.e. that the website is working. Without verifying.
I will try another computer, and reboot, but I can get to other sites no problem.


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