Nov 27 2011
Electric Vehicle EV Charging in Pasadena, CA, Leaf, Volt

Electric Vehicle EV Charging in Pasadena, CA, Leaf, Volt

Are you searching for charging stations in Pasadena, CA?
If you have a LEAF or Volt there are several locations.

You will be pleased to learn that there are at least four locations where you can charge. I have listed them in order of use and cost, first one is CalStart where you can charge for FREE. The only one in Pasadena that currently does not charge. Thank you CalStart.

1. CalStart
48 S. Chester Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91106

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At the CalSTART on Chester, you have to drive behind the building and will find two Blinks and two Clipper Creek chargers. As well as a paddle charger and 120v outlets.

It appears that they are get used, but that the Blink and Clipper Creeks at least on a Saturday night nobody was using them.

To use the Clipper Creek, just open your port and plug in, and it starts to work, no charge, at least for now.

To use the  Blink, apparently you need a card.  But it appears to work.

Located between Colorado Blvd & Green St., 2 blocks west of Hill.
Note: Not sure what restrictions there are for parking here during business hours or off hours, but there are plenty of signs about towing.


2. PCC
1570 East Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, California, 91106

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Lot 1 – East Side of lot, drive into the lot off Hill and enter the lot and look to the right along the campus side.
You will see 2 Chargepointe chargers Level 2.

Note: Not sure if you can park here without paying for parking or if parking is included.

3. Caltech
Parking Lot
Holliston Lot
Chargepoint – not sure if it is operational
Note: will drive by this charger again and see if it is now working.

4. Old Town Pasadena
Parking Structure at
The School House parking lot has 3 legacy charging units but also has two double NEMA 5-20, 120v outlets (one pair on a timer). There are two EV parking spots there. You need to go two levels down then back up to the first level to get to them (Northwest corner). First 90 minutes parking is free, after that $2 per hour with a $6 maximum. Late night entry is a flat fee.


EVSE in the One Colorado parking structure on floor B2, east end (AVCON).

213 S De Lacey Ave Pasadena, California, 91105
(3 blocks south of Colorado Boulevard)

There is one ChargePoint J1772 EVSE in each of the 2 underground garages located at an apartment (condo) complex. Does not seem to be a fee to park. Posted fee for using the EVSEs is $3/hour. They are operated by Carcharging Inc.

1) Enter on West side of De Lacey Street just North of Del Mar. Turn right at bottom of the ramp. Continue to the right.
2) Enter on South side of Valley Street mid block (between De Lacey & South Pasadena Ave). Turn left at the bottom of the ramp then right to the far corner.

We are sure there will be more coming in the months ahead.


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