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1. What is is an unclaimed money database.
Visitors are offered a FREE SEARCH for UNCLAIMED MONEY.
They search by just entering their name and clicking “Search”. Within a minute or so they are told if their name shows as owed unclaimed money!

Unclaimed Money Search
Search unclaimed money for you & your family.

The database has money from all 50 states and federal databases!

Did you know that there is over $35 BILLION in unclaimed money in the United States?!?!

During a show Oprah Winfrey did on Unclaimed Money she stated, “8 out of 9 families have someone owed unclaimed money”!

To access the database and get info on the unclaimed money they offer a subscription to our site for $11.00/mo.

The subscription allows them unlimited searches for unclaimed money and all of the information they need to find and claim the money owed to them.

What Exactly is Unclaimed Money?

Some people think that “unclaimed money” is too good to be true… It is a very real thing.
When people leave money in dormant bank accounts or move and forget to change their address for utility deposits or dividends, all of this money is turned over to the state or federal government to hold.

Unfortunately, that is where it sits until the owner finds and claims it.

Some of the unclaimed funds are also inheritance owed to generations past that need to be claimed by heirs.

4. How Successful is

We have been in business for over 8 years and have a solid B+ rating with the BBB. We have helped thousands find lost money owed to them.

We offer a Money Back Guarantee to our subscribers:

We are also Certified: McAfee Secure Website:

California Unclaimed Money
California has over 6 million in unclaimed money. Find out how much belongs to you!

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