Apr 23 2011
Backyard Bread Baking Los Angeles – Mark Stambler

Are you looking for the best bread? We’ve noticed a trend happening with more people seeking out locally made bread in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area.
One such example of this locally produced bread is that from Mark Stambler. Mark makes his bread in a backyard oven that he built himself at his home in Silver Lake. He is very low-volume and high-quality, so you can’t just expect to find Mark’s bread just anywhere.

I met Mark about 5 years ago and first sampled the amazing bread at an office gathering.  His Pan Levain won top awards at the California State Fair in Sacramento that year, and ever since sampling that bread I just can’t enjoy store-bought bread anymore.  Darn you Mark Stambler!  Seriously, Mark’s backyard bread is truly a trending topic among the LA foodie community.  He was recently at the Atwater Exchange (sponsored by GOOD LA), and then he was a featured speaker last weekend at Artisinal LA in Santa Monica.  Then this afternoon I heard him speak about his home-built backyard brick bread oven on one of the weekend radio programs I rarely miss, 89.3 KPCC-FM’s Off Ramp.   He’s been the subject of other blog postings, clearly so many people appreciate his dedication to the craft of awesome home-baked bread.  Good for you Mark! Bake on.


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