Jul 27 2011
10,000 Nissan Leaf EV Cars Sold Maybe Closer to 11,000 @nissanleaf

Reports are that Nissan is blowing past all estimates in number of units sold.
Owning production number 6023, I know that there have been at least 6000 vehicles sold, but now reports are that the number is closer to 11000, production and assembly continue to increase with big plans for plant production increases in TN.

The Nissan Leaf is very popular by all estimates, dealers have a hard time getting them and if someone with a reservation cancels a new buyer is ready and available to jump in.

Early this evening I saw two Leafs drive by. I think the trend will continue, there is really no stopping this now. The oil companies are making inroads in the area, and know that they have to prepare to adapt and support the infrastructure of the EV movement or they will be left behind. Hydrogen vehicles are still a way off, maybe five years. In the meantime we will see tens of thousands of EVs sold. There are arguments for and against EVs, but people who need new cars and don’t want to support the oil companies, can make a difference.

Range and charging stations continue to be the primary concern among owners, unless you drive no more than 60 miles per day, to allow for AC/Heat and hills. Los Angeles is full of hills, not as much as San Francisco, but there are lots of hills.

Here’s the posting over at the AutoBlog


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