Oct 22 2010
The returns on covered calls

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The world of stocks and stock exchange has made a much larger view of the business world. Only professionals who are into the business of selling or trading stocks have the ability to understand the whole concept or so it may seem but every individual with a certain degree of intelligence can actually capitalize a system in the trading business known as cover calls. It is by far an effective investment strategy ready to earn you 1%/month income which is much better than taking a risk on highly rated bonds or pinning your hopes on cash that you can earn.

Since the world of stocks can get really complicated just by understanding the terms on it the strategy of covered calls can be broken down into simple terms. The first part is buying the stocks or the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Stocks which can purposely be used for covered calls. Second would be to write down a call option against that particular stock. Last but not the least is to wait until the option expires. This seems like a mouthful for you to take fortunately there is the internet to further break it down to layman’s terms about the world of covered calls and how you can partake of this offer.
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