Jul 13 2010
Startup – iizuu public beta in MDR! (sneak peak)

private sneak peak at iizuu (pron. “e-zoo”)

We hear you’re into startups…so we have one for you:

(You have 24 hours to get into the beta)

We’re a little startup out in Marina Del Rey that you should keep your eye on. We’ve put together a bit of code over the last few weeks that allows you to talk about products, relate them to media, and earn both discounts and commissions on anything you say and do. And yes, we pay out in cash.

Think about it for a second. You wear clothes with brands, you talk about brands, and you wish you had more brands. Your “word of mouth” has never been paid…until now. We’ve aggregated over 40 million products with commissions between 10%-40%. So all you do is sign up with an email, add your opinion to any product, tell the world what you like, and you can share everything with twitter and soon facebook as well. It adds up to more than $70 million waiting to be earned. You aren’t “selling” products, as much as you are just adding great value to an e-commerce site you can completely believe in.

iizuu is where you can be paid to shop. It’s basically a Social+Wiki e-commerce site where the users evangelize their favorites to share in the profit, and the discounts. As a user, it’s easy to see how you rank among the top users, and what you have to do to make it to the top.

Best of all, iizuu grows financial value for users and for brands.
join the internet revolution, where “it pays to be you”
visit: iizuu.com
It is bug free? NO 🙂
Are we getting there? YES
Do we need your help? We sure do!

From the lovely team at iizuu
Edward Robertson – Founder

join check it out, its free
give feedback earn cash, and get free products
we are limiting the beta to a small number and we are giving free products for top contributors


It’s the perfect blend of social networking, online video, and commerce. Now you can be the trend setter.
Use my invite/code to signup.

The Game
1- Make it Social
When others purchase your favorite items, you get paid.

* Collect everything you own, like, or want to buy. Learn more
* Comment on your favorite items and videos.
* Connect items to related videos. Learn more

On iizuu, the community builds great content together as a team. As a team we succeed, and as a team we earn. People care what you think and do. With iizuu, it pays to be YOU.™
2- Make it Viral
Earn points and stay in the top 20% to earn cash, prizes, and special offers.

* Every time you do something on iizuu, you earn points.
* Quality of actions leads to more points, so keep your content fresh. 🙂
* Monitor your success in the account area

People care what you think and do. With iizuu, it pays to be YOU.™
3- Spread the Word
When people you invite add great value, we deposit money into your account.

* IIZUU is invite only, and only you can invite others
* Use your invite code to build your network Learn more
* Earn money from iizuu when your referrals add great value

With iizuu, it pays to be YOU.™


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