Jan 29 2010
Primary Wave Games

Primary Wave Games’ First Game Launches Tomorrow; WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to pass on some exciting news; our new games label (Primary Wave Games) is launching its first iPhone game, Run J-Stache, Run on the iTunes App store tomorrow!  We are “soft-launching” the game for free for the weekend to help bring in some good early reviews and set us up for our proper launch and targeted online marketing campaign which will follow in two weeks.

EVERYONE who has an iphone or an ipod touch can (and should) help our guerrilla marketing campaign by following the easy steps below;

(from your iphone or ipod touch)
-Go onto the App store and search for Run J-Stache, Run
-Download the game (it will be free this weekend)
-Once the game has installed give it a shot!
-When you’ve played the game once or twice press the home button and exit the game
-hold down the game’s icon until it gives you the option of deleting it
-Delete the game, which will in turn bring up the option to rate the game
-Give the game a 5 star rating
-If you actually enjoyed it, just head back to the app store and re-download it.

EXTRA CREDIT!!!  Jump on the itunes store from your computer and write a simple (but glowing) two or three line review of the game and give it another 5 star rating.

If everyone takes a minute to do this we will really be improving our overall chances at cracking the top 100 apps list!

Thanks very much,

Senior Director – Advertising & Video Games
Primary Wave Music Publishing
116 East 16th St, 9th Floor, NY, NY 10003
phone 212-584-8062  mobile 917.747.1074
AIM:  phreshbread


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