Oct 5 2010
Melrose Jewellers- Save 50% on Rolex watches!!

This is one place to look out for when it comes to Rolex wrist watches and other diamond jewellery. Melrose online retail store is the best and is known for its authenticity of diamond jewellery. Melrose online operations are spread across the United Kingdom, United States, continental Europe and also Asia pacific.
Buying a Rolex was never this easy. With the expertise presented at Melrose one is bound to get the best. At Melrose, they assure you of the lowest prices of genuine Rolex watches and diamond jewellery. Melrose Jewellers is a member of the GIA and JVC which proves its authenticity in dealing with diamonds.
Additionally we provide you with a 2 year warranty on the functionality coupled with lifetime authenticity guarantee which can be redeemed on dissatisfaction on the product sold. Also the 10 exchange policy is also available for any discrepancy. The payment for the product can be done through various payment systems which include American Express, VISA, Master Card, PayPal and many more.
As far as the shipment is concerned, they are tied up with FedEx for quick and safe delivery. This service is free of cost. Next time you are on a hunt for some authentic Rolex watches, Melrose Jewellers is the place to be! Click here to save 50% Off Rolex Watches Today at MelroseJewelers.com


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