Jan 31 2010
Eat Cleaner at GoGreen Expo Los Angeles 2010
Eat Cleaner Booth at the GoGreen Expo held Jan 22-24 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Think before you bite, that’s the slogan for Eat Cleaner.
Founder Mareya has struck a cord with people/families striving to eat cleaner foods.   Some interesting facts from their materials:  Produce travels an average of 1, 500 miles before it reaches the shelf. over 51 pesticides sprayed on a batch of peaches. 20 sets of hands touch your produce before it reaches yours. 78, 000,000 reported cases of foodborne illness and 5,000 related deaths last year according to the CDC.  These are frightening numbers, that are sure to increase as our food sources continue to expand to all parts of the world.
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Pictured: Mareya Ibrahim(right) with Eat Cleaner doing demos of their products to clean fruits and vegetables of pesticides.

Mareya is a Mom, entrepreneur, believer in healthy living. My biz/baby is Eat Cleaner – natural washes & wipes that remove pesticides, waxes & residue from your food.

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Variety of products for cleaning your food.  Very well layout on the booth.  Eat Cleaner is looking for distributors as well, so if you are interested contact the company.

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Their new product Fruit+Vegetable Wipe, is a biodegradable cloth which can used on the road. Some of the features of the wipes:

1. Kills bacteria & cuts through wax & unwanted residue that water can’t

2. Extends shelf life up to 200% longer & inhibits browning – saving you money

3. Safely cleans food, cutting surfaces, countertops, utensils, and even hands.

4. Won’t change the way food tastes or smells; reduces odor of seafood & poultry

5. Enhances appearance & flavor of fresh food

The product claims to be “The Only All Natural Line Of Food Wipes” and that you can wash fresh produce, seafood and poultry with the products.

All- Natural : Tasteless : Odorless : Convenient : Effective : Safe

Visit their site at: www.eatcleaner.com

Follow Eat Cleaner on Twitter: twitter.com/eatcleaner


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