May 30 2010
Arroyo Food Cooperative’s 2010 election results

——– 2010 CO-OP ELECTION: RESULTS —————————————-

The Arroyo Food Cooperative’s 2010 election results are in and audited.
Thanks so much to Agnes Gottschewski and Christine Frank for their help in
tallying the votes. Details of the results are in the “Results by Voter”
document but here are the highlights…
– The bylaw change: passed
– Alexandra Ferry (Berrie): won
– Ginko Lee (a write in candidate): won
– Joseph Shuldiner: won
– Kelly McCune: won
– Kristin Petherbridge: won
– Lillian Montalvo (a write in candidate): won
– Patrick Reagan: won
– Zoubeida Zajac: won*

A total of 36 ballots were returned (about 26% of the 139 mailed). Members
have been sent voter reference numbers so they can verify their votes in the
“Results by Voter” document. Two ballots were returned by the Post Office
because of addresses issues. One came back in time to offer the person a new

Thanks to everyone that participated! And thanks to all the candidates that
now are our new board. The progress we’ve made so far is exciting and the
prospects of the future are even more so!


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