Apr 24 2009
Tiemans Fusion Coffee

April 24, 2009

Congrats to the folks at Tiemans for the coverage on CBS 11pm News with Paul Magers and Laura Diaz.

The coffee infused with all sorts of berries claims to help your skin, hair, nails improve.

The Tieman’s roasting facility is located in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

High antioxidants.


Coffee or Tea?

Healthiest drink you will have all day.


goji berries

drink your coffee


David Tieman 0 Founder of the Tieman’s

4 football fields


macha tea, sustained release of energy

Taste test was good.

It worked

Athletes – creates a new kind

Fusion Coffee

Laura and Paul agree they will give it a try.

I’ve tried the Tieman’s Coffee and although I cannot say for certain that it will give you energy or make your hair grow faster, it does taste pretty good . At least as good as some of the best coffee you can purchase.

Learn more about Tiemans Fusion Coffee here:



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