Dec 23 2009
The iPhone Gets Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming video promises have been made by the IMG_0811Services like Ustream and Qik from your mobile to web. For those devices it was possible only if you jail broke your phone. There is no need to do this any more.

The Ustream Live Broadcaster has gone live now. Yes, it does allow you to stream a live video from you mobile phone or the iPhone to the web. The nice part is that it works even with the 3G connection. That’s just awesome!

The key feature of the iPhone was the video recording capabilities. Once you have done the recording you can show that to your friends. But with Ustream Live Broadcaster you can record your video right to the web, allowing others to watch them live as you record. The videos can be achieved so that people can watch them later also.

It also allows you to share videos on Facebook and YouTube. The app also allows chatting with the viewers.

Ustream has made a promise for a long time that it will be the first to allow live video streaming. They have achieved this finally though after a year since it was written. Qik has a live live-streaming app but it was only ad-hoc that means it wasn’t there in the app stores.

Another live video stream app is coming around. This only does only on-to-one (1-1) streaming not 1-to-many as this one does.
Find the Ustream Live Broadcaster here for free.

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