Sep 14 2009
Protect Your Hair With Verseo Detoxifying Hair Serum

Did you know that products such as hair gels and hair sprays take hold of hair at the root, causing the root of your hair to become clogged over time? When this happens, your hair growth is stunted and hair can even become weak which can result in hair loss.


What you need is Verseo Detox Hair Serum. It contains a combination of vitaminated biotinyl tripeptide-1 with apigenin and oleanolic acid, which enhancing your scalp’s production of cellular binding elements that serve two functions to hold cells together and to ease the cellular communication blocked by the effects DHT. It also increases blood flow within the scalp, allowing more nourishment to reach thinning hair.

Here is a great time limited offer! You can get Verseo Detox Hair Serum free which is actually for $24.95 on min purchase of $19.99, all you have to do is add Serum to cart, and enter the following code: freedetox. This offers expires on 9/30/09


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