Sep 14 2009
Motorola Unveils Android

On September the 10th 2009 Motorola had their big day when they broke their big news to the world in a theater filled with press. Their CO-CEO and CEO of Motorola mobile devices, Dr Sunjay Jah took the stage and informed the crowd that the in the last one year alone the mobile broadband users have gone from 10.8 million to 22.4 million, which is a jump of 107%. To serve their clients and to get the now rapidly increasing market in the North America and Europe, Motorola is now introducing their new smart phone Motorola Android.

motorola Android

The Motorola Android features large Hi res display, with a robust HTML browser, good over the air software updates, rich messaging capabilities, good voice quality and Multi-threaded, Multi- tasking OS. This all makes Motorola Android one great set for the masses to carry.

What now we have to wait for is which carrier company signs up for Motorola Android in near future.


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