Mar 27 2009
March 31st AB 178 Meeting in Sacramento

March 31st AB 178 Meeting in Sacramento
Date 23-Mar-2009

Hello Victor,
I’m reaching out to you because you’re based in California, and California Assembly Bill 178 is threatening to drastically impact affiliate publishers and the affiliate industry.

Similar to what happened in New York state last summer, AB 178 is proposing to amend Section 6203 of the Revenue and Taxation Code. In a nutshell, the bill changes the definition of a “retailer engaging in business in this state” to include any retailer that works with affiliates in this state where the gross receipts or sales prices is over $10,000 per year. Feel free to read the entire bill online here: .

Several large affiliates and affiliate managers within California are planning to visit the Capitol in Sacramento for a legislative day on March 31st. I will be in attendance, as well we are looking for publishers to join in the effort as well. I’m not sure exactly where in California you are located, but if you’d be willing to attend these meetings in Sacramento, please let me know your preferred contact information so I can pass it on to Karen Garcia of GTO Management, who is organizing the meetings and appointment times.

Please help in this grass roots movement to stop CA AB 178 and protect the livelihood of the affiliate industry. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Trisha Lyn Fawver
Director of Affiliate Marketing
New Edge Media
Ph: 510.984.2781

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