Oct 31 2009
Free Toilets in Hacienda Heights California

Close to 1000 poeople lined up outside of Los Altos High School as the local water company gave away 2 free HEF toilets to each home that was able to verify that they lived at the property.

October 31, left many disappointed by not receiving thhe toilets.  We arrived at about 9am and the line stretched for blocks. We came within 100 or so people of probably getting the toilets.

We home that the water disctrict finds a way to manage this popular giveaway.  Our water bills are way too high and this is one way to cut the costs but also save our natural resource.

High Efficienncy Toilets use substantially less water because of the dual flush system.

The 1000 toilets be given out today are part of a program that is supposed to occur again in Feb 2010 in West Covina. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.  The best advice is to show up before the 8am opening and you have a pretty good chance, I am sure some people got their before 6am.


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