Sep 30 2009
“brag about your bag” Los Angeles

A new campaign is starting soon. Running November 15 to December 17.

A few good reasons to “Brag about your bag”
1. You will help prevent litter
2. You can help conserve our natural resources
3. Reusable bags hold more groceries than a single-use bag
4. Reusable bags do not harm marine life
5. Carrying a “Brag about Your Bag” simply makes you look good.

Coming soon:
The Countly of Los Angeles in partnership with Heal the bay and Earthshare of California is set to launch the “Brag About Your Bag” reusable bag giveaway campaign beginning November 15 and runs through December 17. Bring in a single use plastic bag for recycling and exchange them for a FREE stylish reusable shopping bag and other exciting giveaways at participating:
Hows market
Top Valu
and Valu Plus

For more information please visit
or call 888-CleanLA

County of Los Angeles
Public Works
Clean LA – County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works
(888) CLEAN LA


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