Nov 2 2010
Taylor Swift’s new fragrance

As if the success of being a famous country singer isn’t enough Taylor Swift is forging a partnership with Elizabeth Arden to launch her own line of fragrance and perfume products in 2011. For Swift fragrances are a way to invoke a happy memory where certain scents make you relived certain events and happenings in your life. Very well elaborated for Swift who was recently in the David Letterman Show where the host told something to Swift by saying, “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but you smell like expensive wood. It’s very good”. Well if someone with unknown credentials has said this phrase to someone else he might get a slap in return but that’s Letterman for you. Apart from the line of perfume and fragrances, Swift had recently launched his third album entitled Speak Now which created a big storm when supposedly lyrics of the song where inspirations coming from her exes Taylor Lautner and John Mayer. She sure knows how to pick her men while she seems over the two hunks, she’s definitely not over the dating scene as she was spotted recently with yet another hunk by the name of Jake Gyllenhaal. Well if you’re beautiful and electrifying as she is might as well move forward.

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