Aug 29 2008
Sprint Horrible Customer Service

Sprint Horrible Customer Service

I just got off the phone with what I believe to be one of the worse customer support supervisors I have ever dealt with.

Paul at Sprint who is supposedly a supervisor with badge # PA0666627.

My issue relates to how a device is handling email downloads, in particular a HTC Touch.

The device is sporadically downloading email from the server that has been deleted from the device. I have tried several times to delete and recreate the account to no avail.

I was simply looking for some support to attempt to solve this issue as I am not having this problem on a desktop system running Outlook 2003. The server setting on the account is configured to leave the mail on the server. The HTC Touch doesn’t have a setting that I can find to leave or delete mail from the server in the POP type setting.

The first customer rep I spoke with took over 30 minutes to get to him and then he asked me to hold. I was on hold for at least 15 minutes. He came back and told me his computer crashed. Unreal. After that he proceeded to blame my server for this issue, talk about passing the buck.

The supervisor who I asked to speak with basically told me the same thing, It’s the server. So I said, why is the computer not having this issue? His answer… he didn’t know, but he sure knew how to blame the server for the Touch problem.

Paul at the Sprint customer support center really needs to undergo some serious customer service re-training and Peter Pang his supposed boss needs to make sure that happens. All I asked for was to get some answers to this problem.

There’s one thing for sure, Sprint has had some very good support people and some VERY POOR customer support reps. Today was my day to deal with the worse Sprint customer service reps.

This type of experience is the kind of experience that totally sours a customer on their feeling towards a company like Sprint. If they continue this type of behavior unchecked they will go out of business, they are already in so much trouble.

Sprint: Get with the program and fix your customer service.

Most recently it was the website, it took me hours to speak with someone who was finally able to help with my account.


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