Nov 2 2011
Safe Cig – Healthy Way of Smoking

Technological innovations of the 21st century have dramatically changed the style of smoking also. You can now enjoy the pleasure of smoking without worrying about any kind of smell, or tar or ash or any kind of health issues. If wondering what kind of cigarettes these are, I would like to tell you that these are none other than the electronic cigarettes and the Safe Cig brand has established itself as one of the leading electronic cigarettes brands in the entire America. The Safe Cig, located in Hollywood California, was the first company to introduce e-cigs in the American market around four years back.

If you are a habitual smoker and want to quit smoking, then switch to e-cigs. The look, feel and taste of Safe Cig are like a real cigarette. It is free of any tar or Carbon Monoxide and any odor. It is eco- friendly as it doesn’t require any flame to burn thus eliminates the releasing of real smoke. The best part is you can use these e-cigs in “No Smoking” areas such as malls, bars, restaurants etc since it is non combustible. Not to forget, it needs to be mentioned that the flavors offered by Safe Cig are of typical traditional tobacco taste.

The people already using Safe Cig highly appreciate it as it has never disappointed them. You will find that Safe Cig’s technology is the most advanced one and will last twice longer than other e-cigs available in market. Apart from above mentioned benefits, you can save $4000 a year by switching to e-cigs. Try it once and believe me, you will never go back to your regular cigarettes.

The Safe Cig Micro now available in 13 flavors. Change the way you smoke forever!

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