Jan 29 2008
Open House: Side Street Projects

You are cordially invited to an open house on a solar powered vintage trailer…
Please join us on February 2nd for fun and informal Open House. Side Street Projects staff and board of directors will be on site to meet & the greet the community and give tours of our unusual “facility.” For the kids, Side Street Projects will provide free workshops aboard our renowned woodworking buses. Complimentary food and beverages will be provided.
Saturday, February 2nd (gates open from 12pm – 4pm)
730 North Fair Oaks Avenue
(NE Corner of Fair Oaks & Orange Grove, behind Church’s Fried Chicken)
A Public (Art) Experiment:
Side Street Projects
In (Temporary) Residence @ 730 North Fair Oaks, Pasadena CA
Side Street Projects is pleased to announce the completion of a 2-year project that has effectively transformed us into a completely mobile, off the grid, community-based arts organization. Our offices are a pair of restored vintage travel trailers, manufactured by J. Paul Getty’s Spartan Aircraft Company. Our communication systems are 100% wireless, utilizing cell phones and satellite Internet. The whole operation runs on a 3,000 watt solar energy array which is (of course) also on wheels.
For the next several months, we will be field-testing our mobile headquarters on a vacant lot behind Church’s Fried Chicken that’s slated for development. Until the developers break ground, we will temporarily occupy this space and will provide programs and services for kids, artists, and members of the community. Our goal is to transform this unused space into something positive for the community that blurs the line between public art and public service. When our time’s up at 730 North Fair Oaks, we’ll tow the whole organization to another temporary space in the community, set up camp, and start the process all over again. Being on the road and off the grid gives us the unique capacity to plug into a variety of transitional and unused spaces throughout the City, both public and private, ironically achieving a sort of stability through mobility.
Jon Lapointe, Creative Director
Side Street Projects
(626) 798-7774
[email protected]


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