Jul 28 2008
mac specials and news from Apple

The Apple Store has several announcements this week:
• Back-to-School promotion continues to out-perform and is proving to be the best offer for you to feature. We have just refreshed the banner ad campaign in the CJ interface.
• The Apple Store recently dropped the price on the 1.8GHz MacBook Air, from $3, 098 to only $2, 598 in the US and from $3,248 to only $2,748 in Canada; a savings of $500!
• Want to recommend the best back-up solution for a Mac? Feature Time Capsule: the ultimate wireless hard drive that works seamlessly with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard, available in two storage sizes.

Buy a Mac for college and get a free iPod touch. Order online and get free shipping. Exp 9/15


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