May 8 2012
More Channels with DIRECTV

Direct TV is the answer to cable’s soaring prices and Direct TV offers more than cable ever did.
In one package that they are offering, DIRECTV offers a person over one hundred and forty channels for $29.99 per month for twelve months. Only Direct TV can offer this much for such a low prices and they have more to offer than just that special package.
For my area, they offer four different package for different amounts of channels such as the one that is mentioned above at one hundred forty channels for $29..99, one hundred fifty channels for $34.99, two hundred and five channels for $399.99, two hundred twenty five channels for $44.99, and two hundred and eighty five channels for $89.99.
With these package, there is also different other things offered such as special channel such as ShowTime, HBO, stars, and cimmax for three months for free, free HD DVR and HD receiver upgrade, standard professional installation, and free handling and delivery.

If cable doesn’t suit your needs anymore and they don’t have the shows you want. Can’t afford their prices any more than look up and see which package will suit your needs for the future as a client of Direct TV.

Direct TV also has a sports section with a long list of sports that they cover for the sports nut to watch. Some of the sport shows they cover is football, hockey, baseball, NASCAR, rugby, cricket, soccer, golf, and tennis.


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